After posting my guide to supplements blog, I have received a lot of questions around supplement timing. As mentioned, I take 3 supplements on a daily basis:

  1. Soy protein isolate
  2. L-glutamine
  3. BCAA

Each of these products supplements my diet , which means I take them in combination with a healthy, nutrient dense diet. With all of these supplements, consumption timing depends upon your lifestyle and your goals.


When it comes to protein, if you don’t eat enough the timing is irrelevant as your progress will be limited regardless. If you are getting enough, the question now is when to distribute it for optimal effectiveness. Protein timing is a nutritional strategy which focusses on optimising the adaptive response of exercise. The most common approach to protein powder consumption is directly after training sessions to facilitate muscle repair and building. When we train, protein synthesis and protein breakdown are elevated, therefore consuming protein directly after a workout has been shown to reduce protein breakdown.  Studies have found that consuming protein before a workout will provide the body with sufficient amino acids to reduce exercise-induced muscle breakdown.


During training, glutamine levels are depleted therefore, L-glutamine supplementation has been shown to minimise muscle breakdown and improve protein metabolism through its anti-catabolism properties. Those engaging in regular weight training should take 10 – 15 g a day spread over 2-3 doses. The optimal spread is 5g morning, 5g after a workout and 5g before bed.


BCAA supplementation has been shown to provide a wide array of benefits, including increased muscle mass and decreased fatigue. The optimal times to take BCAA’s are around workouts or during fasted periods and each dose should be 5-10g.



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