Staying on track with your nutrition is fundamental to achieving your fitness and health related goals. You can not out train a bad diet, so when it comes to what you are eating this is arguably more important than how you are training.

Preparing your meals ahead of time will help you to get into a routine with your nutrition, save you time cooking each day, save you money due to bulk buying and keep your mind from wondering….

Here are my top 3 tips for meal prep success:

  1. Make a shopping list. When you have your meal plan in place, write down all of the foods that you need (and nothing else!). Go to the supermarket when you are not hungry, and not in a rush.
  2. Plan your meal around your lifestyle, job and training. Seeking the advise of a nutritional advisor will assist you with this, but ensure that you have meals ready for when you are out of the house, and meals which you can easily prepare for when you are at home. Many of my clients do not enjoy eating every meal cold, so one or two meals will be food which can be freshly prepared, at the time of the meal, whilst the remainder will be pre-prepared.
  3. Add spices and season your meals well. Clients often approach me saying that they have had little success with meal prep as they find their meals boring and tasteless. Eating well is not boring! Pick nutritionally dense foods as these are packed full of flavour which will make your meal prep enjoyable. Add a variety of spices ad herbs to your meals to keep cravings at bay.

Or alternatively look at the plans which I currently offer.

I hope these tips help! If you need advise on how to set your macros and meal plan, please use the contact form to get in touch, or alternatively look at the plans which I currently offer, here.

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