Cardiovascular training is important in any balanced training programme and has an array of benefits, including:

+ decreased body fat stores – increased mobilisation and utilisation of fat

+ increased aerobic capacity

+ increased heart function

+ decreased resting heart rate

+ reduction in stress and anxiety

There is often confusion between choosing which platform of cardio to perform: HITT or LISS.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) refers to a workout with alternates between bouts of high intensity effort and periods of lower intensity (recovery). The benefits of HIIT include:

+ metabolism stimulation – during periods of high intensity, lactic acid is produced. During the periods of lower intensity, the heart and lungs supply increased levels of oxygen to break down the lactates. These stresses put upon the body cause adaptations such as increased oxygen uptake and strengthened heart muscles. This helps to increase metabolism levels which will lead to more calories being burnt.

+ Time efficiency – HIIT workouts are short and can be completed in between 10 – 20 minutes

Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) refers to a workout with a continuous period of low – moderate intensity output. LISS targets 40-60% of maximal heart rate. The benefits of LISS include:

+ Safe, effective way to build cardiovascular endurance

+ Steady Constant Pace to kick start weight loss, promote oxygen delivery and increase heart function

Overall, both are hugely beneficial to health, so the platform for which to choose is down to you!

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