Name a fake tan product. Okay, got one? Yep, I’ve probably used that!

In the hopes of achieving a sun-kissed glow, I have gone through the large selection of fake-tans and bronzers which my local drug stores offer. With years of orange elbows and stripey calves, I have finally found one which I love, Bondi Sands.

Owned and made in Australia, Bondi Sands is now available in most drug stores across the UK. Bondi Sands offer a wide range of different types of fake tan from wash off to everyday, however my personal favorite is their Self – Tan Mouse in Ultra Dark. 


Arguably the most important part of any tanning routine, is prepping the skin. I guess its a bit like anything, if the foundations are good, the top layer is going to be good – simple.

‘Tanning Thurdays’  have become a bit of a routine for me, so consequently Wednesday nights have become prep nights. Out comes the razor, the body scrub and buffing mitt to remove rough skin and hair ready for the tan. Hair removal should be done a day or so before the tan application to allow your pores to close up and ensure an even tan.

For dry skin removal to reduce the chance of patchy tans, I will usually use the ‘Palmers Body Scrub’ and apply this all over my body. I will use this in conjunction with a scrubbing mitt (these can be purchased from a variety of stores, the one I currently have is from Primark!).


Before I apply the tan I use an oil-free moisturizer on any dry sections of my skin namely elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Using an applicator mitt, I will apply the tan to my skin in circle movements. I will leave the tan 10 minutes to dry before slipping on some loose clothes. Around eight hours later, I will wash the tan off in the shower (do not use body wash) and then pat myself dry. Top tip: apply tan before bed and allow it to develop whilst you sleep!


Bondi Sands tan usually lasts well for around 5 days with little maintenance needed, however to ensure the colour fades naturally moisturize daily and avoid rubbing your skin.

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