It happens to us all – bloating. It’s uncomfortable and often disheartening as water retention, hormones or indigestion add inches around our bodies. Here are my top 5 actionable tips to help you beat the bloat:

  1. Drink more water to increase hydration. It may seen counterintuitive to drink more to become less bloated but our bodies hold onto water if you are not drinking enough. Drink water at room temperature, as ice cold water can impede the digestive process by diluting gastric juices, such as your HCL, and cooling your overall digestion at a critical time.
  2. Limit raw cruciferous vegetable consumption. Extremely high in fibre raw vegetables can be hard to digest. They are also high in sulphur compounds and  contain raffinose (a sugar molecule) which has been linked to gas and bloating.
  3. Do not eat to total fullness. It takes a while for your body to signal fullness, so if you eat until you feel completely full, chances are you will have overeaten, which can lead to a bloated feeling. For this reason, I have my clients eat little and often, normally around 5 small meals a day, to reduce the stress on the digestive system.
  4. Reduce fizzy drink consumption.  Carbonated soft drinks have air bubbles that travel to the stomach and release carbon dioxide within the digestive tract, creating a build up of air.
  5. Avoid sugar alcohols. Commonly used as low-calorie sweeteners, they are made up of polyols they promote poor digestion function.

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